Treasure Hunt

Questions and answers for the game Treasure Hunt


Patrick Van Damme 31/12/2011
Logging of treasures

Question: Can you also log a closed treasure of someone else, or can this be done just with open treasures?

Answer: In the current game rules you can only log open treasures of another. There is an alternative game rule, where all treasures can be logged by everyone (see topic "buried treasure").

Patrick Van Damme 31/12/2011
Move explorers (3)

Question: If you walk on a road that ends at the end of the game board, is it allowed to move your explorer further on the other side of the game board?

Answer: No, the board stops at the borders and does not continue to the other side.

Patrick Van Damme 31/12/2011
Move explorers (2)

Question: Can one move his explorer in an area back and forth by walking around a coordinate? For example: N23E13 to N23E12 and back to N23E13. And this repeated multiple times after each other.

Answer: You may run around a coordinate, e.g. N23E13, N24E13, N25E13, N25E14, N25E15, N24E15, N23E15, N23E14, N23E13. You may not move from coordinate A to coordinate B and back to A in the same turn. This may be done in two turns (turn 1 from A to B and turn 2 from B to A).

Ellie Postmus 25/12/2011
Buried treasures

Question: t is not entirely clear how you must log a buried treasure. That you need a shovel is clear, but what do you do with the info card with an open or closed treasure. Do you need to save this buried treasure secretly?

Answer: The info card open or closed treasure comes on top of the buried treasure. To log the open or closed buried treasure you therefore need to have a shovel.

Alternative treasure game rule
The game can be played also with an alternate game rule. With this alternative game rule all treasures can be logged by each player. To the open treasure card an open treasure is placed (default rule, so everyone knows what there is), at the closed treasure card a closed treasure is placed (alternative rule, everyone is allowed to take this one but don't know what it is) and the buried treasure card is considered as closed treasure so there is a closed treasure card placed at. As extra you need to have a shovel (alternative rule, so this one may be caught by anyone who holds a shovel).

Nikki van Dam 19/12/2011
Start of the game with 1 tree trunk and walker

Question: Why do you get 1 hiker and 1 tree trunk at the beginning while you have unlimited cards to play during the game?

Answer: As there are no action cards obtained yet in the beginning of the game this gives the possibility to obstruct your opponents already. Also to get some more equality at the beginning of the game, so that everyone has the same chance to obstruct. Later during the game, the value of the two obstacles does become less valuable, because you can get action cards. Additionally, this trunk and walker do not count with the hand cards where you are not allowed to have more than 3 action cards in possession.

Nikki van Dam 19/12/2011
New coordinates placed on a tree trunk or hiker

Question: If a new coordinate is placed on the same position where already a tree trunk or hiker is placed, is there a special rule to do so or should the obstacle first be removed or outplayed? And is it then also allowed to put a tree trunk or Walker on an already marked coordinate?

Answer: If there is a new coordinate placed on a position that already has a tree trunk, the marker is placed underneath. For logging this coordinate you can do this by "lifting" the tree trunk. If there is a hiker standing on the new coordinates, the marker is also placed underneath. To log the coordinate, the walker first has to be outplayed accordance with the rule (2 coordinates removed from the marked coordinate). A tree trunk may not be placed on a hiker or explorer, only next to it (each coordinate besides the hiker or explorer).

Nikki van Dam 19/12/2011
New coordinates or treasures placed where someone stands

Question: We already have had a few times that there had to be a new coordinate or treasure on a place where someone already stands, then what is the procedure?

Answer: The new coordinate is normally laid down. The other should move the explorer in his next turn, because in the rule is stated that an explorer is not allowed to wait on someone else's marked coordinates. If there is a tree trunk, the tree trunk does not count for the logging of the coordinate.

Nikki van Dam 19/12/2011
Use of the knife

Question: Can other players also leak a boat by sticking it with a knife?

Answer: With the knife, you may remove any obstacle or help. So to leak a boat or to remove a skip a turn, short cut item, tree trunk, broken bridge or walker is allowed.

Catch Me Games 4/12/2011
Bridges and water

Question: Can an explorer move under a bridge without having a boat?

Answer: Each explorer may go under a bridge, even without a boat. The turn does not end at the bridge. If an explorer ends on a bridge then you may choose the next turn if you continue on the road or in the water.

Catch Me Games 23/11/2011
Moving the explorers

Question: In what directions should an explorer move?

Answer: An explorer can move both horizontally and vertically across the board. In the same turn both directions may be chosen at random. Diagonally is not allowed. These rules also apply when a hiker is moved.